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France was reviewing the damage after another weekend of brutal “yellow vest” protests plunged the country. In the capital, the revolutionary agitation left behind parched car frames, shattered shop windows and ruined monuments – as well as a presidency in crisis.

What started as turmoil mostly in the region over the tax on diesel fuel now. After three weeks, the protest has turned into a chaotic revolution against President Emmanuel Macron. The agitators wore roadside safety vests along with high security which mounts political corridor and has not much option to reduce anger they feel toward the president and what they recognize as his monarchical leadership.

“Macron resign” read the carving on the Arc De Triomphe monument, where the protesters also shattered the face of a Marianne statue, as a symbol of the French Republic.

“Macron resign” roaring high school students denoting in Nice on Monday. Left-wing leader Jean-Luc Melenchon called on him to leave the designation, as well.


“Yellow Vest” Revolution Ruin Paris Monuments and Presidency of Macron 2

There are no existing proceedings in the French constitution to remove a president vigorously from office. A less effective successful vote in the French Parliament could force him to build his government. But even if someone triggered such a vote – and no one has – the party of Macron controls a maturity of seats in the lower house, and it would not be easy for gaining the 289 necessary votes.


There are no existing rules of midterm elections in France, so the later Macron will require to ask voter approval would be if he runs again in 2022.

In the revolution in the past weekend, more than 260 individuals injured across the country, including at least 133 people of the capital, according to the governmental province of Paris. Three deaths have been correlated with the protests.

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