Waterpark Wave Machine Triggers “Tsunami” In China, 44 Severly Injured - TNBCLive

On Sunday, a wave machine at a waterpark in North China has went rogue, introduced a crushing Tsunami that wounded around 44 people, reports The Associated Press.  

Officials at the Shuiyun Water Park continued that the wave machine started malfunctioning, and the workers, who were operating the wave machine was not drunk, claims sources.  

Video footage shared on social media displays the moment at wave machine started generating the enormous wave, turned a releasing time at the pool in a horrible nightmare with screaming adults and children crying loud. 

Some of them were immediately lifted out of the pool and onto the pavement. One woman was found on the ground afterward, with knees full of blood and severe injuries. 

After the terrible incident, the popular water park has been closed, and investigation underway. 

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