Vijay Mallya to Appeal Against Repatriation Verdict - TNBCLive

Vijay Mallya expects to file a petition to plead against the verdict of the British Court in courtesy of his repatriation to India, the liquor baron who is surrounded by his legal team confirmed on Wednesday. The 63 years old businessman informed the reporters soon after governing by Westminster Magistrate’s Court Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot in the last week that he would ponder the verdict in detail and plan for his next course of action.

The solicitor of Vijay Mallya in the repatriation trial process, as well as the partner of the UK-based Boutique Law LLP,  told, “ Mallya has now been able to consider the court’s decision and intends to file an application for permission to appeal at the appropriate time”.

During the repatriation proceedings, the verdict of the Chief Magistrate has been sent to UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid because it is the minister who is approved to order the repatriation of Mallaya and has two months within which to the plan to set.

The order of the Home Secretary hardly goes against the conclusions of the court as he has to ponder only some very slimming bars to repatriation which are doubtful to apply in this case, adding the possible enforcement of death in a specific case.

In a statement acknowledged by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which portrays the Indian government in the repatriation case professed, “ Whatever that decision (by the Home Secretary), the losing side has up to 14 days within which to approach the High Court and seek leave to appeal. Any appeal – if granted – will be heard at the Administrative Court High Court”.

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