US wants India to stop oil imports from Iran- “Zero Waivers”. - TNBCLive

Allies in Europe and Asia have been delivered a message and an interagency team of treasury department officials will be popping into India and other countries in the coming weeks.

While the United States is likely to urge India in order to cut off trade relations to “zero”. Moreover, U.S would be insisting other nations who are the buyers of the Iranian crude that they end up oil imports by early November as when the sanctions come into effect against Iran there would be lack of waivers adversely affecting trade in Iran.

As per the official the message has been reached out to allies in Asia and Europe that an interagency team would be stepping into India by the next few weeks.

“Will be subject to the same sanctions that everybody else’s is… and yes, we will certainly be requesting that their oil imports go to zero, without question.” – said an official who interacted with the TNBC reporters.

“I would be hesitant to say zero waivers ever. I think the predisposition would be no, we’re not granting waivers,” he said in context to granting waivers.

Ones who are the buyers of Iranian Crude are often prone to the risks of being hit by “secondary sanctions” by the USA that could turn into any form.

After China, India ranks as the second largest purchaser of Crude Oil from Iran which made the US government to approach India to cut the relations by zero this November. The administration decision of the U.S president has announced that the decisions would be back in force by the first week of November.

Howbeit, India’s imports of Iranian crude never declined to zero, and it remained the same for China and South Korea. In the Obama rule, a system enabled the waivers to these importers if they were of the mind of making a sound reduction in reviews held after every 180 days.

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