On Wednesday, the authorities of the United States has imposed penalty on an Indian man and his parents alleged of having links in global smuggling network of opioids, heroin, and other drugs.

The US Treasury Department reports that Jasmeet Hakimzada, who is a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a “significant foreign narcotics trafficker” since 2008 has fraud hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Treasury’s undersecretary for financial intelligence and terrorism, Sigal Mandelker said in a statement that “Hakimzada’s global drug trafficking and money laundering network has been involved in smuggling heroin and synthetic opioids around the world.”

He continued that “this action is a result of years of effort with our US and foreign partners.”

The convict’s parents, who also resides in the UAE, as traffickers, acknowledged Hakimzada’s father as ‘primary’ trafficking and fraud partner and his mother, as an officer of two from companies in India.

Hakimzada was accused of smuggled cocaine, heroin, ketamine, ephedrine, and synthetic opioids into Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, claims the Treasury.

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