The friendly relationship between India and the United States has flourished under the regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claims an official in the Donald Trump’s administration, adding that it expects the ties to improve after the April-May Lok Sabha Elections.

The senior official claims that the first ever India-US 2+2 dialogue, held in 2018 in New Delhi, had taken the relationship forward.

Replying to a question on five years of Modi government and the recent visit of India’s Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale to the United States, the US official said that “US-India relationship has really flourished… since Modi took power.”

Requesting anonymity, the official continued that “the highlight, I would say, was Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the White House in the June of 2017 where a lot of progress was made on the relationship. I would just say that the visit by Foreign Secretary Gokhale was just the latest illustration of the positive trajectory that the relationship is on.”

“We look forward to working with whoever is elected in this (general) election,” said the senior official, adding that there is “a lot of strategic logic” to the India-US relationship.

He continued that the US expects to continue the ties to improve and the nation is looking forward to ways for cooperation into Indo-Pak region in mainly on Washington’s converging strategic interest in that part of the globe.

Describes the recent visit of Mr. Gokhale to the United Nation, claims the official the visit of the top Indian diplomat started with a meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and ended with National Security Advisor John Bolton.

During Mr. Gokhale’s 3-days visit to the US, he had important foreign office consultation and strategic security dialogue at the state department. A wide range of regional, bilateral, and global issues was also discussed.

“They were able to talk about our shared vision for the Indo-Pacific, ways to strengthen our defense and security cooperation. Of course, they discussed Indian Pakistan situation as well as Afghanistan,” added the senior official.

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