United Nation Denounces the Human Rights Violation of North Korea - TNBCLive

The General Assembly of The United Nations took in a resolution on Monday criticising the “systematic, widespread and gross” violations of human rights in North Korea. The non-attaching resolution, which was approved by the accord without a vote, greets the diplomatic moves for ending the political plight on the Korean peninsula.

But it also stresses that the members are “deeply concerned at the grave human rights situation, the pervasive culture of impunity and the lack of accountability for human rights violations in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

It also condemns the use of maltreatment as well as “inhumane conditions of detention, rape, public executions, extrajudicial and arbitrary detention” and “the existence of an extensive system of political prison camps”.

The mission of Pyongyang’s to the UN attacked the willingness of US to arrange a Security Council summit on the topic of human rights in North Korea.

In early December, Washington had stopped asking for the summit, which had been organized in every year since 2014, because it was not sure of the backing it could get from their partners.

But the US expects the summit in January with an entry of new temporary council members that could be more complimentary for doing so.

The UN mission of North Korea said in a statement, “ The UN Security Council is neither a place for discussion on any human rights issue nor a platform where a human rights issue is politicized to flare up confrontation”.

It said, “The UN Security Council should not be misused as a platform again where US’s high-handedness and arbitrary practice would prevail and should remain true to its mission and duties as enshrined in the UN Charter ”.

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