Two Tamil Nadu students’ artwork to feature in NASA’s 2018 calendar - TNBCLive

Two children aged 11 – Kaviya BJ and K Selva Sreejith from Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, won NASA’s 2018 Commercial Crew Program Calendar Art Contest. Their artworks will be featured in NASA’s calendar, which will be sent to the International Space Station.

Both the children study in the sixth standard in Shree Vidhya Mandhir in Pushpathur are among the top 12 winners, beating over 3,000 entries from over 193 countries across the world. All the children were aged between four and twelve years old and were given the opportunity to create their artwork on the basis of varying topics of their choice. And along with every piece, there had to be a detailed description on the topic it was based on.

Sreejith decided to go ahead with ‘What would you take from home?’ and drew an astronaut getting his daughter, dog and precious possessions to space. His description read, “Today, every astronaut goes to space to do very special work. But because they’re gone so long, they each take some personal items to remind them of home or small things to do during their limited free time. Some of those things astronauts take include musical instruments, MP3 players, or small toys.”

Kaviya drew an organic garden in the outer world based on the topic ‘Space Food’ and wrote, “There are no grocery stores in space. When new supplies are sent to the International Space Station, there’s always some fresh food like fruits and vegetables but almost everything is prepackaged so it will last a long time. The goal is for astronauts to eventually grow crops that can help supplement their nutrition. We’ve also discovered growing plants in space can make the astronauts happy since it reminds them of Earth.”

The ten other winners come from different countries including Germany, Italy and Indonesia. All the featured students will receive a copy of the calendar and goodies from NASA.

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