Two French Rappers Sentenced for Fighting in Orly Airport - TNBCLive

Two disputing French rappers have inflamed levity on the social media platform by taking the vow for the settlement their contradiction in the ring. A rivalry between Booba and Kaaris finished up behind bars in August after a pursuing battle between their fencing shut down the part in a Paris airport.

Yet a month in friendless imprisonment, along with heavy charges and the threatening of more 18 months behind bars has done nothing to cool their hostility. After an exchange of blood-chilling  Christmas greetings on the social media, the pair says “ bury the hatchet” in a no-rules cage in the new year.

Enmities flamed again between the rivals on Christmas Day, while the goodwill is supposed to rule between all men traditionally. 38 years old Kaaris was first to break the pause by stimulating his rival to “come and get me. You know where to looking for me”.

Booba who is known as the “ Duke of Boulogne”, posting a video of himself on Instagram sacked to the waist for revealing his muscled and tattooed torso.

He declared, “ I am waiting for the day, for the hour, brother. No referee, just an octagon”.

He declared,“ I will (expletive) beat you to death, you son of a bitch”. He added, “Now we are all waiting for the time and date… I’m still frustrated by you running away at Orly ”.

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