Top Officials Of Sri Lanka Withheld Intelligence Over Possible Attacks, Says Minister - TNBCLive

Top officials purposely withheld intelligence about expected attacks on Sri Lanka, where several suicide bombing attacks on Easter Sunday has killed over 359 people, reports the Parliament leader on Wednesday.

A public enterprise minister Lakshman Kiriella told the Parliament that “Some top intelligence officials hid the intelligence information purposefully. Information was there, but the top brass security officials did not take appropriate actions.”

Mr. Kiriella said that information on possible suicide attacks on hotels, churches, and politicians was received from Indian intelligence on April 4 and a Security Council meeting was lead by President Maithripala Sirisena but the information was not widely shared.

The minister said, “Somebody is controlling these top intelligence officials,” adding that “the Security Council is doing politics. We need to investigate into this.”

Regional Development Minister and ex-Army Chief Sarath Fonseka has separately informed the Parliament that he believed the attacks “must have been planned for at least 7-8 years.”

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