Three Water Companies Got Warning From Waterdog

Three Water Companies Got Warning From Waterdog

Surrey-based SES Water and Southern Water, Bristol Water must reports in every quarter of a year about how they will minimize the objections from their 3.5 million customers. The annual complaints of Watchdog report the actions of investigated suppliers when 200,000 consumers were moved without water after Beast in March in East storm.

The industry states it will finance 50bn pound in between 2020 to 2025 for the improvement of the services. The annual complaints report by the Consumer Council for water executes that nine among 21 water organizations in England and Wales broadcasted a rise in calls from the consumers to rectify the problems – recognized as “unwanted” contacts.

Four organizations also confirmed an rise of the written objection from their customers. It said few water supply organizations are fighting with the interruption caused by the unexpected relation following the bad weather of March.

The report shows, more than 200,000 customers were moved out without flowing water, with many occupants condemning the poor interaction and assistance they accepted from the suppliers.

The chief executive of the Consumer Council for Water, Tony Smith said, “The frustration felt by thousands of customers after March’s cold weather disruption to supplies should have reminded the industry that it cannot afford to be complacent.”

UK chief executive of Water Michael Roberts said, “It is pleasing to see a fall in complaints this year, despite the impact of the Beast from the East and the dry summer.”

“The figures published today continue a downward trend in both metrics, with complaints and unwanted calls falling by almost 70% over the last decade.”

by Haimantee Ghosh on September 20, 2018

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