Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is known for her prompt responses on Twitter to ask for help from Indian abroad, shared what she has learnt after taking up the top role in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ms. Swaraj said that now she understands English “of all accents and grammar”.

The Foreign Minister was replying to a tweet from an Indian man in Malaysia, who tweeted, asked for help to send his friend back to India. The man’s tweet had some grammatical errors, another man replied, asked the Indian man to write Ms. Swaraj in Punjabi or Hindi.

This is when the Minister replied in Tweet: “There is no problem. After becoming Foreign Minister, I have learned to follow English of all accents and grammar.”

Sushma Swaraj Tweets, Can Follow English “Of All Accents and Grammar” |

67-year-old Sushma Swaraj is the second woman to be Foreign Minister after Indira Gandhi, who was independent India’s first Woman Foreign Minister. Ms. Swaraj took charges as Foreign Minister in May 2014, since then she had traveled across the world and interacted with diplomats and leaders from various nations.

In November 2018, Ms. Swaraj said that she will not contest in the National Election that will start from April 11, due to health reasons.

Ms. Swaraj tweeted, “I am not retiring from politics. It is just that I am not contesting the next Lok Sabha election due to my health issues.”

She was even forced to take a break from work for a few months in 2016 due to poor diabetes condition. Sushma Swaraj also went kidney transplantation.

She is the Lok Sabha Lawmaker from Vidisha, located almost 56 km away from the state capital, Bhopal.

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