Spain’s Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Dropped to 683 in Last 24 Hours - TNBCLive

On Thursday, the daily death rate from the coronavirus fell to 683 in Italy, informed the authorities. The number of deaths was continuously rising for the last couple of days. Besides Italy, Spain was one of the most hit by the pandemic. The country has now recorded 15,238 deaths from coronavirus. 

On Wednesday, the death count was 757 which came down to 683 today. However there is speculation that the officials may have hidden the death count. The Madrid region authorities said that the number of deaths in retirement homes could be five times as high as that announced by the health officials. According to them, almost 3500 deaths have not been included who could not be tested positive for the virus.

The number of daily new cases also dropped slightly Thursday, bringing the total to 152,446. The spanish government has indicated that the peak of the pandemic has been reached but asked citizens to continue to strictly respect the confinement regulations.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told parliament that, “Our priority now is not to turn back, especially not to return to our starting point, not to lower our guard.” Spain, a nation of around 47 million people, has imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe since March 14 to try to curb the spread of the virus.

Government has restricted people from leaving their homes except to buy food, get medical care, briefly walk their dog and go to work if they can not do their job remotely. The lower house of parliament is expected to extend the confinement to April 25 on Thursday.

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