South and North Korea All Set To Begin Nuclear Testing

South and North Korea All Set To Begin Nuclear Testing

Seoul March-15: South Korea recently invited North Korea in a joint summit on nuclear issues according to the media sources. Both of the countries are trying to resolve tension regarding the nuclear issues and hence they have opened a platform for bilateral talk. According to the media reports North Korea began it’s nuclear testing last February. A satellite imagery of 25 th February confirmed the news of emission of a non-condensable gases from a container at the North Korean light water reactor situated at Yongbyon Atomic Energy Research Center.

Joshua Pollack , a Senior research associate at Middleburry Institue of International studies at Montery suggested that the North Korean reactor might be used to produce weapons- grade plutonium. He also added that North Korea already has enough fissile material to produce multiple nuclear bombs.

South Korea Is planning to organize a summit next month which will be attended by both the Honourable president of South Korea Moon Jae- in and north Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Moon’s Chief of staff Im-Jong Seok has already began to prepare the questionnaire about the main issues those will be discussed in the upcoming summit . According to the media sources both the countries decided to organize a summit during a New Year’s address.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 16, 2018

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