Sources say, US’ visa restriction may bring multiple benefits for Indians - TNBCLive

According to a close course  of the Indian government, the suspension of fresh non-immigrant  visas by the US may benefit the 3 lakh visa holders from India currently residing in the US . President Donald Trump has already announced  to stop employing  new workers from entering the country till the end of this year.

As per US government rules, H-1B, H-2B, L-1A, L-1B, J-1 visa holders and people seeking entry on those visas into the US for the first time between June 24 and December 31, will not be allowed to enter.

However, the new policy may hardly affect the existing H-1B Indian visa holders in the US, said government sources. It said, the new rules may turn out to be more beneficial to them. They said that the US policy can result in the shortage of skilled workforce and the existing H-1B visa holding Indians can command higher remuneration and higher remittances.

The Federal Reserve, National Academy of Sciences and Brookings Foundation showed that the contribution of non-immigrants has been invaluable for the US. Sources claimed that the unemployment due to coronavirus and the weak economic condition will lead the US issuing fewer visas, so the proclamation will have limited effect.

The new policy will impose new challenges in absence of local talent and outsourcing will be inevitable. As a result, the US policy will also lead to more services being diverted to India.

India will get the advantage of the highly skilled workforce who were planning to leave for the US after receiving H-1B visas. The highly skilled technicians in science and technology will directly contribute to India’s  progress by staying in the nation.

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