Since 1998 Nuclear Tests Stark Difference in Indo-US Ties - TNBCLive

According to the outgoing Indian diplomat, there is a sharp difference in the relationship between India and the US since the 1998 nuclear tests and bilateral bonding are now very good.

India’s Ambassador Navtej Singh Sarna, to the US since November 2016, is outgoing later this month a foremost career spanning 38 years. In his previous shift in the US from 1998 September to 2002 June, Mr Sarna served as the counsellor at the Indian Embassy in Washington DC. During that time, US had urged approvals on India in the outcome of the nuclear tests.

Mr Sarna told in a response to a question while asked about the variation in the relationship between US-India in the past 20 years, “ Well, it’s night and day, if I can say that”.

After the nuclear tests, he said though the country confronted US approvals, there was new admiration and understanding for India. He said, “There was a new understanding of India’s potential as an economy… There was a new understanding of India’s power as an IT, particularly around Y2K, when suddenly Indians were the ones who were sorting out major problems. And there was an understanding that India had to do its nuclear tests because it lived in a tough neighbourhood ”

Mr Sarna told the visit of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US last year gave huge momentum to the bilateral relationship. Stating the visit of PM Modi to the US as the spotlight of his ambassadorship, Mr Sarna told the visit was an immense success. He told the selected audience, “Today, I think the relationship is in a very good place”.

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