Amid the tough global emergency situation, the Sikh Center of New York came forward to help the Americans. They prepared and packed more than 30,000 home-cooked meals for Americans in coronavirus self-isolation. New York’s Mayor office approached the Sikh community for food packages that were handed out to several distributing federal agencies in the area.

New York is the worst virus-affected area of the US. On Monday morning, the agencies distributed and delivered free food to COVID-19 affected people in New York City, one of the worst affected cities in the US by a coronavirus.

The foods were made with extreme hygiene maintaining social distancing and they used face masks and gloves. The food packages will be delivered to the elderly, single parents, homeless, specially-abled, or people who are facing trouble getting food at the supermarket.

“The ”Sewa” or service provided by the Sikh volunteers is a vegetarian meal comprising of dry fruits, rice, and lentils,” said Himant Singh, coordinator of the American Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee (east coast) told sources. 

“The meals were prepared on Sunday and were packaged and loaded for delivery. The distribution starts on Monday in the morning, by local authorities. Volunteers who prepared and packaged the meal had a medical check and have been approved by physicians and health authorities,” Himat Singh added.

The Sikh volunteers are using Gurudwara funds and food items that have been previously donated to the Gurudwara for this purpose. United Sikhs, an NGO based all  over the United States, also made an appeal to people from all walks of life to donate generously.

Several Sikh volunteers from the East, West Coast, and the Middle-West of the United States are trying  best to help agencies all over the US. They are delivering essentials and medicines for the homeless and people in their need.

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