Report: Chinese Workers Made To Drink Urine For Incomplete Task

Report: Chinese Workers Made To Drink Urine For Incomplete Task

Beijing: At a Chinese home renovation company workers who failed to complete their tasks had to drink urine, eat cockroaches or get whipped by a belt. As per the images on Chinese social media cited by state media, Others had to shave their heads or drinks water from a toilet bowl and had their salaries withheld by a month.

State media, citing workers who had quit the company in the southwestern province of Guizhou said that the punishments were all publicly meted out in the presence of other staff.

50 yuan ($7.20) fines to those forgetful staff who did not wear leather shoes to work or failed to turn up in formal attire. Their misdemeanors were duly recorded in little, white slips. But State Media has said that Most staff chose to stay despite the punishments.

According to a social media post by the local public three managers at the company were jailed from five to 10 on the charge of humiliating others.

Activists described that Labour conditions as harsh and unforgiving, with workers having to work excessive hours and live in cramped quarters on meager wages.

As per the state media, at the Guizhou company, many of the punished showed little outward sign of unhappiness.

by Priti on November 8, 2018

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