Putin Declared About the Successful Test of Hypersonic Nuclear Warhead - TNBCLive

According to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia supervised a final test of a nuclear-capable light aircraft that flies at 20 times along with sound and speed including that weapon will be added to the arsenal next year of the country.

Russian President stated about the successful test, in which the glider was introduced from a site in Southwestern Russia toward a target on the Peninsula of Kamchatka more than 3,500 miles away, as a “wonderful, perfect New Year’s gift for the country ”. Ac ceremonial tune surrounding the test – it directed the TV news, and state media reported that Putin gave the order for lunch – underlines how central nuclear execution of the threatening of the military force has become to the effort of the Kremlin for depicting Russia as a global superpower for audiences at abroad and home.

The latest weapon, termed the Avangard, is of a type that the Pentagon has been both continuing works and concerning about as an arms race appears among the United States, Russia and China for the missiles that can exercise easily and visit far faster than the sound and speed. There was no independent and immediate verification of the test.

After being introduced by a rocket, a vehicle bearing potentially nuclear payload disconnects and glides back to earth at hypersonic speeds. It is so alerting and fast according to Putin’s claims while he removed the veil in a speech in March, which will be able to dodge missile defences for years to come.

Putin informed his cabinet ministers in a remarkable televised converse, “ This is a major event in the life of the armed forces and, perhaps, in the life of the country”.”Russia now has a new kind of strategic weapon. ”

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