Pakistani pregnant Woman Died of Starvation Amid Lockdown - TNBCLive

In Pakistan’s Sindh province, a pregnant woman died of starvation amid the coronavirus lockdown imposed in the country. According to media reports, a 30-year-old named Sughra Bibi died in Jhudo town of Sindh’s Mirpur Khas district last week.

Allah Baksh, the husband of the woman said he is a daily wager and due to the lockdown could not find work. He was unable to feed his family which includes six children.

The report also revealed, that Mr. Baksh said he didn’t even have money to bury his wife. Local residents helped him by raising donations for his wife’s burial. The Sindh government said they are investigating the death. 

A government spokesperson said, “The Mirpur Khas administration has been asked to submit a report immediately as the government made arrangements for distributing free ration and cash to the poor in rural areas of Sindh.”

“The report says the woman was buried after the local residents raised money for the last rites. Couldn’t they provide the money for some rations to this family?” the spokesperson asked.

Pakistan is under lockdown for over a month. The pandemic has affected nearly 8500 people in the country taking the fatality to 176. Though the government claimed they have made available a number of scheme for the daily wagers, there are reports of discrimination in the distribution of ration.

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