The news agency Press Trust of India has informed that on Wednesday, in one of the oldest and most popular Sufi shrines had a blast which wounded 24 in the eastern city of Lahore, police said as the country marks the fasting month of Ramadan.

The blast occurred near the entrance gate for female visitors to the 11th-century Data Darbar shrine which is one of the largest Sufi shrines in South Asia. Police said that they are investing the nature of the blast.

The shrine is a famous place during the Sufi festivals and a prime destination for the country’s myriad Muslim sects. This was the reason that the terrorists targeted the place. Previously, in 2010 it was targeted by a suicide attack which killed more than 40 people.

Since that time, the area has been kept in tight security that the visitors have to go through several stages of screening before entering the complex. The Islamist terrorists have frequently targeted Sufi worshippers in Pakistan.

In a press conference, senior police officer Muhammad Ashfaq told that the security personnel at the shrine were targeted but also mentioned that the reason behind the blast remains under investigation.

In the blast, three police officials, a security guard and a civilian were killed, he added. Police Official Muhammad Kashif said that the blast may have been “a suicide attack” on a security vehicle.

In 2014, Pakistan saw the most dreadful attack in Peshawar which killed more than 150 people, most of them were children. Since then security has been dramatically improved but the terrorists still continuing their attacks.

In 2016, a major blast occurred in a park targeting the Christians celebrating Easter which killed more than 70 people.

The Data Darbar complex contains the shrine of Saint Syed Ali bin Osman Al-Hajvery, popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh. Each year, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit here in spring to mark his death anniversary.

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