JeM and its magazine Al Qalam is still active in spreading its messages - TNBCLive

United Nation banned terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) is still spreading its anti-India messages. Pakistan had already promised that they will take proper action against them after the Indian air strikes in Balakot, sources said.
Al Qalam, which is the weekly newspaper of JeM, is still online accessible. Moreover, 250 articles have been published by Sa’adi which is the pen name of the outfit chief Masood Azhar, the mastermind of terror.
Masood Azhar was the key person behind planning the Pulwama attack. On February 26, Indian Air Force carried out an air strike at Balakot targeting a major terror training camp at Balakot. Next day of the strike Masood Azhar, under the Sa’adi alias said “Indians should not assume that their threats are scaring us. Definitely not.”
Earlier, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan invited India to the negotiating table and said, “If someone is using Pakistan soil for terror, they are enemies of Pakistan as it is against our interest.”
Masood Azhar has repeatedly attacked India in the journal. On February 20, he has described how the dreadful Pulwama attack was carried out by its “Kashmiri Mujahideen” in India.
Al Qalam also publishes messages from Masood Azhar’s brother, JeM commander Abdul Rauf Asghar, on multiple occasions. “The youth who rise from this madrassa (in Balakot) have broken the arrogance of the mountains of Kashmir and lit the torch of jihad there, and they will – God willing – continue to keep it alight,” Abdul Rauf Asghar was quoted as saying.

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