Army foiled a major infiltration bid by Pak troops along the LoC - TNBCLive

On Sunday, Pakistani troops made an attempt to strike a forward Indian post along the LoC (Line of Control) at Naugan sector, which has been foiled, reports the army in a statement today. A group of Pakistani BAT (Border Action Team) had tried illegally to cross the LoC and two men have been shot dead, said the army. Pakistan has been asked to take the bodies of the dead back to their country.

Assisted by the cover fire of rockets and mortars, the BAT had tried to sneak in through the dense forest but was restricted by the Indian troops on time.

The overpowering gunfight between the Pakistani troops and the Indian security forces continued through the night. Early in the morning, the Indian army introduced a search operation and confirmed the death of two intruders, who are suspected to be Pakistani soldiers, have been shot dead.

The remaining soldiers are likely to have escaped across the LoC under the cover of Pakistani firing and low eyesight induced by the foggy weather.

The Army further found a huge supply of weapons, which indicates that the intruders had come prepared for an endless encounter with the security forces. It was assumed that they had intentions to carry out a large-scale attack on the Indian Army’s forward post at Naugam sector.

The search operation is underway at the sector to filter the are, reports a spokesperson.

The intruders were found dressed in combat uniforms like the Pakistani forces and were carrying weapons with Pak markings. Some of them also dressed in traditional Indian Army uniforms as a part of deception strategy, added the army.

The Pakistani troops were well-equipped with advanced explosive devices and inflammable materials as well.

The army continued in a statement that “The Army’s resolve to keep a strict vigil along the LoC and defeat all such nefarious designs of Pakistan will continue to remain firm and consistent.”

“We will ask Pakistan to take back the bodies of the likely Pakistani soldiers since Pakistan did provide full covering fire support to these intruders,” it added.

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