Pakistan has detained 34 Indian fishermen for reportedly violating the country’s territorial waters, almost 10 days after releasing 60 prisoners from India as a sign of goodwill, reports an official.  

On Tuesday, the accused fishermen were arrested and handed over to the police, informed a Pakistan Maritime Security Agency’s spokesperson.

He continued that “they will appear before a judicial magistrate who will decide on their judicial remand.”

It is for the first time since January that the Maritime Security Agency has detained Indian fishermen.

In January 2019, five Gujarati boatmen were detained and put under custody.

Pakistan has released 55 Indian fishermen and five civilians as a “goodwill gesture” on April 29, amidst tension arose between India and Pakistan after the deadly terror attack in Pulwama.

In April, Pakistan Government has released over 250 Indian fishermen from Malir Jail and Landhi Jail in Karachi. They were released in three rounds.

Earlier, Pakistan Foreign Ministry had announced to release 360 Indian fishermen in four separate groups as a “goodwill gesture” in April.

Pakistani and Indian fishermen often get detained in foreign waters as there is lack of demarcation of the maritime border in Arabian Sea and they don’t have boats equipped with the technology, which will indicate the precise location to them.

Considering the slow, lengthy, and legal procedures, these fishermen usually remain in prison for several months and sometimes more than a year.  

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