One of World’s Largest Bell introduced in Poland

One of World’s Largest Bell introduced in Poland

One of the world’s largest swinging bell that weighted 7850 stone (550 tons), yesterday was introduced in Krakow, Poland, ahead of being installed in Brazil’s major pilgrimage site.

The “Vox Patris” swinging bells, 4.5metres in diameter and 13feet (4 metres) in height would eventually be installed in the Basilica of the Eternal Father in Trindade city, Central Brazil, reports the owner Piotr Olszewski.

The world’s largest bell made from tin and copper, which will be activated by four giant engine and once get installed in Brazil will be a part of the 100metres high tower, added Mr. Olszewski.

He reported source that “The preparations and tests lasted almost four years,” and acknowledged the first casting at the Krakow’s Metalodlew foundry that had been a failure.

He explained that “The mold did not hold, micro-cracks appeared which caused leaks.”

“It was necessary to start all over again, but the second attempt was successful,” he added.

The main challenge now is regarding the transportation of the giant bell to Central Brazil, where it will get installed, by boat. Therefore, it is expected that the journey will take a whole year to reach Brazil.

by Chandrani Sarkar on September 21, 2018

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