Nine died and many injured in Nigeria’s Boko Haram raid

Nine died and many injured in Nigeria’s Boko Haram raid

Nine others were severely injured and nine on spot died when Boko Haram fighters raided two northeast Nigeria’s villages, on Thursday the civilian-military said.

Jihadists in pickup trucks laid attacked upon Kalari Abdiye and Amarwa, 20km away from Borno, which is Maiduguri’s state capital, on yesterday evening.

A Civilian Joint Taskforce Ibrahim Liman told the source that “The gunmen, who were obviously Boko Haram fighters, killed nine people and injured nine more in the attacks.”

Mr. Liman continued that “they attacked the villages around 8:30 pm when it was raining, and people were indoors.”

Feared residents rushed out of their houses but they got shot ‘indiscriminately’ said Babakura Kolo, another CJTF leader.

Mr. Kolo continued that “the two villages were completely burnt by the attackers.”

Both the villages are in Borno district of Konduga, which has suffered repetitive attacks in a nine-year insurgency that has left over 27,000 dead.

Last years’ December six people died in a suicide attack in a Amarwa’s crowded market, while 10 more lost their lives in this year April when two female suicide bombers laid attack on the village.

However, yet it is not clear that which two Bolo factions were back of the attacks and there were no responsibility claims.

Fighters were loyal to the long-time leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, who has extensively targeted civilians, used suicide bombers and hit-and-run raids.

ISIS group formed a separate group as ISWAP, which aimed more on attacking government and military targets. However, more radical elements believed to have taken by ISWAP leadership prompted fears of an upsurge in ferocity against local people.

On Monday, ISWAP has killed a Red cross health worker, who they kidnapped along with two other colleagues in a six months earlier raid, strengthening fears for the other captives being organized.

by Banani Sarkar on September 20, 2018

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