Tokyo Traffic Cop Kills Self After New Year Car Attack that Injured nine individuals and the dead officer had been in charge of traffic control near the renowned Harajuku fashion district near Tokyo where the terrible attack occurred in the new year, according to the media and police.

To heal the heart disease may lie here. Tokyo Traffic Cop kills.

The attempt in the renowned Harajuku fashion district observed 21-year-old Kazuhiro Kusakabe drive a vehicle into crowds, leaving a severely injured person.

After the accident, a 36-year old officer from the local traffic department was discovered dead in the basement of Harajuku police station, according to the Tokyo police.

A Tokyo police representative told the media, “ The officer was bleeding from his head. He had a gun in his right hand and one bullet had been fired from the gun”. He said, “ We’re investigating why this happened”, without explaining further.

Public reporter NHK informed, mentioning police sources, that the officer had been the supervisor of traffic control near the district where the attack occurred moments into the new year. The reporter informed the policeman had been enduring harassment at work and informed he left behind a suicide note, without any details of its contents. The attacker, who allegedly steered the vehicle from nearby the western city of Osaka, is under arrest on suspicion of ventured murder. He has allegedly told police that he was acting in “ retribution for the death penalty” but indicates of his motive remain unvivid.

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