Military Chief of Indonesia Believes Investigation Found Crashed Lion Air Plane - TNBCLive

A top military commander claimed that the shattered fuselage of a collapsed Lion Air jetliner of Indonesia may have been found after Jakarta’s ordering to remove the technical director along with those staff who indicated clearance to the victim flight for take-off.

According to the authority, the advanced sonar technology had pointed out the exact location of the Boeing 737-Max plane which sank into the sea on Monday.

The military Chief, Hadi Tjahjanto told the reporters, “we strongly believe we have determined the coordinates of the JT 610 fuselage”.

The result of the inspection will be declared at 7.00 pm.

Airline authorities are tearing to find the location of the dived jet in the water around 30-40 meters deep with the hope that they also can be able to find the data recorders which should be crucial evidence for the investigation of the crash.

Along with ships and helicopters, dozens of drivers were taking part in the 1,000 strong personnel recovery effort but despite having all authorities could apply some of them to find any survivors.

The officials of Boeing expected to meet with Lion Air, after getting the order of inspection of the US plane manufacturer’s 737- Max jets by Indonesia.

The plunged flight which needed a maintenance service a few months ago was going to Pangkal Pinang city while it collapsed into the Java Sea in the Northern Coast of Indonesia, a moment after it had been asked for returning to Jakarta.

The transport minister of Indonesia took the absolute decision of ordering the termination of technical director of Lion Air and several staffs mentioning the government authorization over the aviation sector.

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