On Friday, the number of deaths rose to 25 after a dreadful blaze that ripped through a Bangladesh skyscraper as the firefighters combed through the burnt shell of the building. One day before the fire broke out in a 22-storey FR Tower in Dhaka which stranded hundreds of office workers. Police said they are investigating the case and going to talk to the owner of the building.
Some of the trapped people were safely rescued by sliding down with the help of cables on the side of the building but some people being afraid of the fire jumped in a bid. At least six people including a Sri Lankan national died in this way, officials said.
Senior fire service official Mohsin Ali told the reporters that rescuers were sourcing the building concentrating on the eighth-to-tenth floors which have been most affected.
Initially, the fire department reported about 19 deaths but police said on Friday that six more have died.
Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Mostak Ahmed told the sources, “The death toll is 25. We have handed over 24 bodies to their relatives.”
There is no other news about the other missing people while more than 70 people were treated in hospital in the wake of the blaze.
When the fire broke out hundreds of people gathered after hearing the screaming of the trapped employees seeking help from smoke-logged floors.
Fire department director Shakil Newaj said they had warned the FR Tower management to improve fire safety standards, but they did not pay attention. Newaj told the reporters “Fire safety measures in the building were very weak. There were no sprinklers. Fire exits existed only in name.”
Military specialists supported the firefighters to rescue the people. Bangladesh authorities have ordered a probe into the incident to examine claims that the skyscraper did not have proper fire equipment and that its fire exits were inadequate.

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