Israeli jets target Gaza position after ‘infiltration attempt’ - TNBCLive

Just after a day, the Israeli forces detected “explosive devices” assumed to be placed by the suspects who crossed the fences of the northern border of Gaza, Israel jets started their air strike.

The fighter jets of Israel targeted a Hamas “military target” in the northern part of Gaza on Monday. This air strike was in response to the infiltrations made by the Palestinians through the border and their following their activity of laying bombs in the previous day as confirmed by the Israeli army. As of now, there had been no immediate news of any damage or casualties from Gaza.

The fence bordering the enclave of the Palestine and Israel has become the prime reason for the mass demonstration at Gaza that has caused to deadly clashes.

Israeli authorities have been constantly questioned over their extensive use of live fire to counter the 1o day long protests and clashes along the border strip of Gaza. Israeli forces have already killed 30 Palestinians as reported by the health ministry of Gaza. Israel replied by stating that measures of open fire were adopted since it became compulsory to prevent damage to the border fence, probable infiltrations, and other attempted attacks.

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