Inspired by film ‘Padman’, Dubai-based girl offers Sanitary Pads to tribals - TNBCLive

Inspired by film ‘Padman’, which arose awareness about menstrual hygiene, a 13-years-old Dubai-based girl has donated sanitary napkins to more than 250 Maharashtra girls.

Riva Tulpule’s family hails from Maharashtra. She with her own initiatives and parent’s support has managed to collect funds for the cause in Dubai within a few months. Last week, she arrived in India and distributed the almost 1-year stock of sanitary napkins to girls from schools on Saturday in Sahapur Taluka.

Mr. Tulpule said that “I saw ‘Padman’ some months back and came to know about problems faced by girls during the days of their periods. I immediately decided to do something for girls living in villages in India, especially Maharashtra.”

She studies in class 8 and said to discuss her ideas with Niranjan Davkhare, MLC of Konkan Graduate Constituency when she visited in Dubai. Mr. Davkhare has encouraged her lot to take it forward, added Ms. Taluka.

During Diwali time, she appealed to people in Dubai to donate the amount for the cause and within a short time has managed to collect enough to buy sanitary napkins for 250 girls for 1-year, said the girl.

During an event organized by ‘Samanvay Pratishthan’ all the sanitary napkins were distributed.  The NGO is run by Mr. Davekhare and works for social causes. Her efforts to help others and raise awareness regarding menstrual hygiene were appreciated by Mr. Davekhare.

The BJP legislature said, “Riva Tulpule an 8th Standard student from Dubai, this Diwali decided to do something special & took up an initiative to adopt 250 girls from rural Maharashtra and support them with a full year of Sanitary Pads…”

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