India: Need Extra Cooperation Between UN and SCO - TNBCLive

United Nation: Between the United Nation and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) India has sought broader cooperation to fully disrupt terrorist organizations and networks and take strong measures against those who provide sanctuary to terrorists. In June 2017, India became a full member of the Beijing-based SCO.

India Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Tanmaya Lal said Strengthening regional security, economic cooperation, transit, and energy linkages and deepening of cultural ties are some of the areas where cooperation between the UN and the SCO will contribute positively.

He said at the 2nd High-Level Special Event on UN and Shanghai Cooperation Organization “The fight against terrorism and drug trafficking can be an important area of broader cooperation between the United Nations and the SCO.”

“It is only through collective cooperation that the international community will be able to fully disrupt the terror organizations and networks, identify and hold accountable, and take strong measures against those who encourage support and finance terrorism and provide sanctuary to terrorist,” said Mr. Lal.

With an observe Mr. Lal added that the current global landscape is one of multiple conflicts and terrorism that are impacting security across borders.

He said “ These and other challenges are straining the spirit on international cooperation. It is a time when multilateralism needs to be strengthened to ensure our collective peace and prosperity”

Mr. Lal mentions that “ Given the specialized knowledge functional expertise and understanding of regional contexts, organizations like SCO will be able to enhance the work of the UN in strengthening peace, security and stability”

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