India And China May Overcome Doklam Shadow After Positive Talks Between Modi and Xi

India And China May Overcome Doklam Shadow After Positive Talks Between Modi and Xi

With a sudden announcement to conduct an informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is supposed to be held in China later this week, seems to put Sino-India ties back on track. It is considered to be the best step and an optimistic move on keeping behind the Doklam history.

The iconic leader Mao Zedong, who has links to Wuhan, the central Chinese city, is going to host the leaders from both the Nations. The meeting will be held near Yangtze river, as the leaders will walk by it and have discussions on bilateral ties along with planning the future ties between India and China.

Both these nations are considered among the most populous nations, hence, collective ties between these two can increase its trade and commerce aspects.

There is a 3.488 kilometers divider between the two countries and it includes disputed boundaries and regions on either side of the great Himalayan range of mountains.

Old disputes are also there such as border issues, Dalai Lama sheltered in India, and snug ties between Islamabad and Beijing, along with few new ones like increasing Chinese clout in South Asia, thus making the India-Sino relation bit more layered and complex.

However, the upcoming summit is expected to keep aside the differences and disputes between China and India and place its focus on converging points like tapping into economic potential and create a strong tie.

When the meeting was announced, India’s external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, along with Wang Yi, Chinese counterpart, hinted on having a more optimistic approach this time. The meeting will be taking place over Friday and Saturday.

Wang stated on Sunday evening, with Swaraj sitting beside him that the approach will not only be beneficial for both the countries and its people but will also put a positive and significant influence over the world and maintain regional peace for further development.

Swaraj also stated that India is willing to work with China in order to build a strong friendship and deepen the ties between the leaders. The meeting will be helpful in enhancing the trust between both the countries. It will also take the strategic cooperative partnership between India and China to a new level.

South Asia expert, Wang Dehua said that the advance meeting between the two nations before SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit, which is to be held in June, will provide a correct approach to discuss on Donglang military standoff (Doklam shadow).

Wand also added that Sino-India relations can be lead towards a more comprehensive partnership through this meeting. It will also ignite the sense of unity and solidarity among India and China.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 23, 2018

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