In Indonesia floods and landslides over 22 died

In Indonesia floods and landslides over 22 died

Over 22 people died and many are still missing after the heavy storm and rain unleashed flash floods and landslides in Western Indonesia, on Saturday reports an official.

Since Wednesday heavy downpours triggered flooding and landslides that hit several districts on Sumatra Island.

In the last three days summary, more than 17 people were killed in North Sumatra province, while five others were confirmed killed in West Sumatra, said the authorities.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesperson of National Disaster agency said that “Eleven students of an Islamic boarding school in Muara Saladi village, Mandailing Natal district, North Sumatra died Friday afternoon during class as they were struck by a building which was destroyed by the flash floods.”

In Indonesia floods and landslides over 22 died |

A number of houses have also been destroyed due to the unexpected landslide.

Riadil Lubis, the head of North Sumatra Disaster agency told the source that “The disaster and search and rescue agency have gone to the districts but have been hampered by the landslides.”

Flooding and landslides are nowadays common in Indonesia, a vast tropical archipelago prone to torrential downpours and natural disasters.

In February, at least 12 people were killed as an avalanche of rock and mud cascaded down a steep slope in central Java, main Island of Indonesia.

In June 2016, over 50 people died when heavy rainfall sent torrents of mud, water, and rock into villages also in Central Java provinces.

In Indonesia floods and landslides over 22 died |

by Banani Sarkar on October 13, 2018

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