Globally one in Every Five Children Have Never Been Registered To School: UN Report

Globally one in Every Five Children Have Never Been Registered To School: UN Report

The survey report of UNICEF released on Wednesday shows among every five children one is school drop out. The report revealed in 73 sessions of the UN General Assembly, recognizes the dropped out children of the school internationally and those school in the discord regions.

Totally, around 30.3 crore children of five to seventeen years old are dropped out of school, the report of the UN children’s organization stated. As per as the report, the one-third children among the dropped out of global school —- around 100 million—live in dispute or calamity-affected countries.

UNICEF executive director said, “When a country is hit by conflict or disaster, its children and young people are victimized twice. In the near term, their schools are damaged, destroyed, occupied by military forces or even deliberately attacked, and they join the millions of young people out of school, and as the years progress they seldom return. In the long term they – and the countries they live in- will continue to face perpetuating cycles of poverty.  ”

The report entitled “A Future Stolen: Young And Out-Of-School, clarifies that one among the five children who are of 15 to 17 staying or affected terribly in the controversy have never made registration under a school and two among average five never finished primary schools.

As per the UNICEF report, the world requires to collect fund for education on rapid foot stepping. Providing this workflow with advanced education and better service prospects will raise social and paid shareholders.

The report asks for, “ more investment in quality education from pre-primary to upper-secondary, in an environment within countries affected by complex humanitarian emergencies and protracted crises ”

The Chief of UNICEF concluded by stating, “ This is a critical moment in history. If we act wisely and urgently, we can empower and skill young people to be prepared to create peaceful and prosperous societies. The alternative is too bleak. We cannot afford to fail.”

by Haimantee Ghosh on September 20, 2018

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