Zimbabwe Police said an explosion of a suspected gas cylinder snatches the lives of 42 passengers and leaves the burnt-out remnants of the vehicle. The police spokesperson Charity Charamba told AFP after the accident,  “At the moment we know that more than 42 people died”. The state media reported that a passenger was carrying a cooking gas cylinder which exploded and kindled the fire.

The state-occupied Herald newspaper said on their Twitter news feed that “it is suspected a gas tank belonging to one of the passengers caused the inferno in the bus.

“Dozens have been confirmed dead and several others injured through burns”.

The Broadcasting Corporation of Zimbabwe published the photographs of the destroyed vehicle on the highway between Bulawayo and South African border.

According to the report of ZBC, the wounded survivors has been admitted at the town hospital of Gwanda and they described the deadly accident that while the smell of gas filled the ambience of the bus in the dark, the conductor put on the lights and instantly the but had been inflamed. It reported about the injury of 30 people including the vehicle was making a journey from Zvishavane to the Beitbridge and nearby the town of Filabusi the deadliest explosion happened.

After the crash, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said, road safety should be improved.

In Zimbabwe, road accidents are very common as the roads punctured with eroded hole due to lack of maintenance and negligence to repair the erosion of the roads.

In June of last year, in the highway towards neighbouring Zambia, 43 people were killed in a bus crash.

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