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The following chart shows the instances of  major quakes and tsunamis in recent years:


2004: On the western coast of Aceh province in Indonesia in Northern Sumatra is shaken by an enormous 9.1 magnitude quake on 26th December, prompting a tsunami that hit 14 countries, snatching 226,000 lives along the coastline of Indian Ocean.

2005: A sequel of strong quakes strikes the western coast of Sumatra in late March and early April. Hundreds died in Nias Island, off the coast of Sumatra.

2006: A 6.8 magnitude quake strike South Java, the most populated island of Indonesia, prompting a tsunami that shattered the Southern coast, killing around 700 people.

2009: A 7.6 magnitude quake hit near the city of Pandang, the Capital of West Sumatra province. More than 1,000 people were dead.

2010: A 7.5 magnitude quake strike on the islands of Mentawai nearby Sumatra, consequencing a tsunami of up t 10 meters that devastated dozens of villages and snatched 300 lives.

2016: In Aceh, Pidie Jaya regency affected by a light hit, causing devastation and alarming outcoming as people were warned by the devastating portraying of the terrific 2004 quake and tsunami as the outcome. No tsunami was stricken, but more than 100 lives were snatched by fallen buildings.

2018: Major quakes stroke the tourist island of Lombok in Indonesia, killing more than 500 people mostly on the Northern side of the island.

Here is the map portraying the tsunamis since 2004 along the Pacific “Ring of Fire”.

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