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Recently, the result of assembly polls has shattered the power of the ruling party BJP that has been defeated by the Congress party, hence India ruling party is doubling down on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After four-and-a-half-year cruising the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty latest scion as he swept to victory, PM Modi still cultivates his image as a diligent, incorruption son-of-a-tea seller who strives to make India a prouder, more powerful country. In the world biggest democracy that enduring appeal is the Bharatiya Janata Party trump card going into national elections next year.

A senior leader BJP official who asked not to named said BJP leaders expect to triumph by focussing the campaign on PM Modi versus opposition leader Rahul Gandhi and by Zeroing in on religious issues-including a controversial temple-that will consolidate India majority Hindu voters.

The BJP official also added in 2019 election has suddenly opened up following the BJP loss of three large Indian states, a day after Reserve Bank of India Governor Urijit Patel shocked investors by quitting. The Hindu nationalist party senior leader plan to regroup to chew over the poor performance, with the party bracing for the loss next year of a significant number of seats in the lower house of parliament or Lok Sabha.

For 2019, BJP Will Bet Bigger Than Ever On Narendra Modi,Foreign Media |

G.V.L Narasimha Rao BJP upper house lawmaker and a party spokesman said in an interview that “ We will undertake a serious review and introspection as we always do after every election. Unlike in the rest of the country, the BJP fought in these elections under the leadership of our experienced chief ministers. The results will be highly favorable in the Lok Sabha polls as the focus will then be on Prime Minister Narendra Modi”

Despite the BJP party loss of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, that bet is on PM Modi to pay off. With growing discontent among farmers and concerns about job growth cited as significant factors in the defeat, hence the BJP is imposed blame on local leaders while arguing that PM Modi is insulated from the loss of support.

South Asia, Program director at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said “ The BJP remains the party to beat in 2019. In states where the BJP can turn the fight into a presidential contest, it still has a leg-up with Modi.”

Involving an electorate of more than 875 million in India ballot, it determines the fate of PM Modi Hindu nationalist party and its agenda of reform mixed with polarizing religious rhetoric that often comes at the expense of the country roughly 170 million Muslims. A populist who stormed to power some two years before Donald Trump took the White House, PM Modi has sought to project a muscular, more assertive vision of India as a global power.

For BJP its unexpected regional electoral losses were magnified for BJP by market turmoil caused by the sudden resignation of the central bank chief the previous night. During PM Modi praised Mr.Patel tenure, the central banker departure followed an acrimonious spat with a Modi administration desperate to tap into the Reserve Bank of India capital reserves.

Congress party re-energized under Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party President, means national ballot due by May suddenly looks less certain. However, PM Modi has slipped in opinion polls as Mr. Gandhi has gained, yet the prime minister remains India most popular politician. One Survey put PM Modi as the premiere of choice for 34 percent of voters compares to 24 percent for Mr. Gandhi. That popularity is likely to help him to a second term, even if he returns without his single-party majority and needs to lean on coalition allies.

In Gujrat, PM Modi value lies in his humble roots in a provincial town. After ruling for nearly 13 the chief minister of the industrialized, fast-growing western state, PM Modi bid for national office turned on his ability to tap into a deep-seated desire throughout India for economic development and a pledge to clamp down on corruption.

Despite the huge loss party leaders think that his personal popularity remains intact. Mr. Rao, the BJP lawmaker, pointed to the near-identical vote share for his party and the Congress Party in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh as proof that defeat wasn’t indicative of a broader anti-PM Modi sentiment.

Heavy industries minister Anant Geete from the Shiv Sena Party, an ally of the BJP said “ People are angry with us. We need to recover the position.”

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