Every Year Trillions of Dollars Stolen and Paid in Bribes Through Corruption - TNBCLive

Trillions of dollars – similar to more than five per cent of global GDP – are paid in bribes or stolen through corruption every year, according to the United Nations. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres considered corruption “an assault on the values of the United Nations”, in a message on the International Anti-Corruption Day, which is remarked on each 9th December.

He said that “ it robs societies of schools, hospitals and other vital services, drives away foreign investment and strips nations of their natural resources”.

One trillion dollars are paid in the form of annual bribes, while another 2.6 trillion are stolen, all due to misconduct. The UN is combating the global source, which affects both poor and rich countries, through the enterprising drives as the global campaign commenced jointly by the UN Development Programme and the UN Office on Crime and Drugs.

The campaign identifies misconduct as one of the largest barriers to acquiring the SDGs, or 2030 Sustainable Development Goals approved by all nations of the world in 2015,  advance the whole of mankind. And to oppose that destructive reality, the campaign is ordering communities to use the Anti-Corruption logo during related events, and mention the actions of community-related to the Day on social media platforms by using the  #United Against Corruption and tagging @UNDP, @UNODC.

Diverse fields like the private sector, civil society, governments officials anti-corruption advocates can reference the strive’s “ Call to Action Matrix ”, which offers suggestions for the programs to stand against corruption.

Additionally, the United Nations Convention against Corruption approved in 2003, survives as the only legally-binding by the universal anti-corruption device.

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