Enraged after six baby seals were found decapitated in New Zealand - TNBCLive

On Wednesday, six baby seals have been found decapitated in New Zealand in what wildlife rangers on branded a “cruel and senseless” act against a protected species.

The dead bodies of the baby seals in New Zealand were found by a tourism operator on Monday at Scenery Nook near the South Island city of Christchurch, reports the Conservation Department.

Andy Thompson, local operational manager of Conservation Department said that the animals that are protected under New Zealand Law, were likely to be 11 months old.

Thompson continued, “Due to the disturbing, brutal and violent nature of this crime… it has been reported to the police.”

He further said that the seal’s heads were nowhere to be found as it appeared they had been killed or died elsewhere than was dumped in the spot from a boat.

“We believe it’s incredibly unlikely sharks would have bitten the heads off six seals but left the bodies untouched,” added Mr. Thompson.

He said that the killers may have mistaken the baby seals were competing with local anglers for fish.

The local operations manager further said that “Regrettably, antagonism towards seals is often due to the misplaced belief that seals are eating large amounts of fish species valued for human consumption,” adding that “isn’t the case. Research shows 90 percent of Banks Peninsula fur seal diet is made up of lantern fish which are not sought after in fishing.”

The Department of Conservation has appealed for detail information about the killing of the six baby seals.

In 2011, a South Island teenage boy was imprisoned for 2-years after he admitted to bludgeoning 25 seals to death, including newborn seals as well.

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