Christian Michel is the main convict and middle man in the VVIP Chopper scam - TNBCLive

Christian Michel is the accused middleman in the AgustaWestland chopper scam and tonight he will be extradited to India, reports Michel’s lawyer to a source. The extradition is taking place after a Dubai Court has denied his petition last month.

54-years-old Christian Michel has been in Dubai and alleged in Rs. 3000 crores VVIP chopper case, which involved that purchasing of 12 luxury helicopters for use by the country’s President, Prime Minister and other VIPs, when UPA government-led by Manmohan Singh was in power.

Mr. Michel is one of the three middlemen, who is being investigated in the case, the other two convicts are Carlo Gerosa and Guido Haschke.

In the chargesheet against Michel, which was registered in June 2016, said that ED (Enforcement Directorate) has received 30 million Euros from AgustaWestland.

The case was “kickbacks” for executing a 12-helicopter deal in favor of the firm in “guise of” original transactions for performing multiple work contracts in the nation, said that chargesheet.

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