Bomb blast outside shopping mall took lives of two and wounded 28 in Philippines - TNBCLive

On Monday, a devastating bomb blast took place outside a shopping centre in the southern Philippines and the security forces have blamed on a small pro-ISIS militant group. The blast took lives of two and severely injured 28 others, reports an army commander.

ISIS terrorists are operating in the south of the largely Christian Asian nation and some are believed to have links with groups abroad, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Major General Cirilito Sobejana, who is also an army division commander, told the source that the bomb pierced a “Daesh-inspired signature”, referring to ISIS by another name.

The bomb blast went off at the entrance of a shopping centre in the city of Cotabato, early in this afternoon. Over 2 people died in the blast and 28 were badly injured, added General Sobejana.

He continued that the second bomb was recovered from the same area.

General Sobejana said that he has suspected that the bomb blast was a part of the revenge for killing by government troops of seven members of a small terrorist outfit, which has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

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