At least 23 people died in Bangladesh in ferry incident: Rescue operation continues - TNBCLive

On Monday, twenty-three people lost their lives after a ferry capsized in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka following a collision with another vessel. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority’s chief, Commodore Golam Sadeqk informed that the  single-deck ship was “not overcrowded” and sank “due to carelessness”.

“We have so far recovered 23 bodies from the sunken ferry,” fire brigade official Enayet Hossain. 

“There were 50 people on board… Our rescue divers are still searching,” she added.

Several witnesses who were present at that place said, many passengers appeared to be stuck in the ferry’s cabins. Divers pull out the bodies from the wreck from the water of some 40-50 feet deep. The deceased were put in body-bags before they were laid in rows at the harbor-front. As per sources, another boat would later arrive to life the damaged vessel from the water.

Golam Sadeqk said that the ferry went down after colliding with another passenger ferry. There were at least 50 passengers on board but a survivor said there were at least 100 passengers on board. 

In Bangladesh, there are more than 230 rivers crossing the nation and so boat incidents are common. The country mostly depends on ferries for transport but the system is not safe. According to experts, the accidents are mostly caused due to badly maintained vessels, lax safety standards at shipyards and overcrowding.

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