As per the new survey, seventy-five percent of Canadians are not aware of Narendra Modi

As per the new survey, seventy-five percent of Canadians are not aware of Narendra Modi

A survey shows that just a handful of Canadians are aware of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, the three qualities that they associate him with were influential, strategic and strong.

A survey conducted by Angus Reid Institute (ARI) found that seventy-five percent of Canadians voted were unaware of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While the voting was done before the G7 leaders’ meet at Charlevoix in Quebec province on Friday and Saturday, ARI also incorporated the leaders of BRICS countries while interviewing more than fifteen-hundred respondents.

ARI’s executive director Sachi Kurl felt this was because the “focus” of how the Canadian public related to the Trudeau visit to India was on the Canadian prime minister and his gaffes – and less on the relationship with Modi.

“We don’t have data, but I might speculate that Modi isn’t an English-speaking fixture in the Western media, nor does he attract a lot of notoriety in the Western and European press. Canadians recognize the relationship it has with India, via the diaspora, and through business ties, but Modi is not a big personality or celebrity in Canada the way he is at home,” Kurl said.

Of the less number of people who identified Modi, the three qualities that they most associate him with were influential, strategic and strong.

The respondents were given a list of twenty-four words to select from to describe what they felt about world leaders. As expected, US President Donald Trump drew a large number of negative adjectives, with seventy-four percent using “arrogant”. The other terms that they used for him are a liar, bully, dishonest and corrupt. “Negative views of Trump among Canadians have persisted and worsened since we began asking about him in 2016,” Kurl said.

In comparison, when a similar exercise was undertaken by ARI in 2014, the words most used for the US president Barack Obama were influential, charismatic, compassionate, inspiring and credible

As for their own leader, the voters gave a mixed feeling that people have about Trudeau. While the word most used for him is charismatic, the other four among the main descriptors are weak, compassionate, arrogant and bumbling.

Of the other leaders, there is little love for Russian President Vladimir Putin, with sixty-three percent opting to see him as corrupt, as against fifty-two percent in 2014. Strong is the word most used for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and influential for China’s President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May. French President Emmanuel Macron has charismatic rank at the top.

by Sawan Kumar on June 8, 2018

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