Guwahati: The alarm is raising in three Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh and in Upper Assam after China informed India that the water level of the Tsangpo river was rising. It is said that the Tsangpo, as it is known in Tibet, flows as the Siang in Arunachal and the Brahmaputra years.

According to the China government it mention that the Tsangpo was swelling because of heavy rain in China. In addition, many various GD (gauge and discharge) station on the Tsangpo had observed a discharged of 9,020 cumec water on Wednesday morning, allegedly the highest in 50 years.

The administration officials asked people of Arunachal Pradesh in East Siang district to be alert and not venture into the river for fishing or swimming as low lying area were delugu.

After the alert alarm rise the Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh administrations in Upper Assam cancelled leaves of all officials.

After Brahmaputra release the government official of Arunachal Pradesh reported to the state government that 30 people were stranded on an island of the Siang under Sille- Oyan circle of the district for the past 24 hours and need to be air- evacuated. Tamiyo Tatak Deputy Commissioner of East Siang said that he was in contact with his counterparts in Upper Siang and Siang districts over the abrupt rise in the water level in the upper ridge since Wednesday night but it was not normal. In addition, he revealed that the Indian Air Force could carry out the mission as the island does not have space for a helicopter to land. For the safety he informed the station air commander of Mohanbari air force station, Dibrugarh, of the situation.  

Reacting to the condition Deputy Commissioner Loya Maduri Said “ We are keeping the eye on every single situation and also sent our team to various flood- prone areas under Chabua revenue circle. In can emergency, we alert people from those area. He further added that vehicles,boats have been kept ready at vulnerable areas. “As per the requirement we have deployed circle officers, Zonal Officers, Sector Officers and other officers in all the vulnerable areas to monitor the situation and take necessary measures in case of any eventuality required.”

The water levels does not seems normal and the tide and high waves of the river reportedly confined only to the river’s reaches in Pasighat. There were no impact has seen of this changed behaviour of the river that has been recorded in the downstream areas of Assam.

For keeping the situation under control the Central Water Commission, Dibrugarh said to the people no need to get panic. He also added, that the river had discharged 8,070 cumec water on August 14 and the difference of 950 cumec would inflict severe damages, while adding that foolproof precautionary measures should be taken.

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