App Controls and Table Booking Assistants by Google has made life easier for Tech Savvy’s

App Controls and Table Booking Assistants by Google has made life easier for Tech Savvy’s

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- On Tuesday Google presented how the virtual world would be on upcoming days with the help of the virtual assistants. These can now book appointments, call saloon and restaurant easily to book appointments and can also navigate complex conversations.

As the ALPHABET INC (GOOGL.O) informed that this technological outcome would leave user frazzled and also needs the cure.

A Demonstration presented at GOOGLE I/O, an annual event for google compatible products, presented how big technology companies are standing for cost-effective artificial intelligence revolution while struggling with tightened scrutiny about their society repercussion.

Sundar Pichai, CEO and other official said that Google should find new ways to improve customer satisfaction and reduce stress from technology.

He said “digital well-being “saying “we can’t just be wide eyed about the innovation technology creates”

Google submitted how its email programmer can easily suggest sentences and how Google assistant can make the appointment and call restaurants and saloons to make an appointment or a reservation.

A new mechanism in its Android software, which runs most of the world’s smartphones, will notify users how much time they are using apps and let them flourish limits for themselves and family members.

Google, Facebook INC (FB. O), INC (AMZN.O), Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and other technology leader are challenging to keep the user in their apps to keep roaring business of selling ads, goods or online computing services.

Amazon’s Echo has also taken lead on “smart speakers” using google voice assistant. Migrating tasks to a virtual assistant to manage email, schedules and managing photos are the part of companies support for reducing screen time.

Google and its competitors have faced extraordinary assessment from former employees and U.S. lawmakers over the last year.

The company added google map will make more driving suggestion by learning users habits and be able to pinpoint users locations by using smartphones cameras to analyze their surroundings.

Smartphones companies like LG electronics, Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd will also begin integrating artificial intelligence into their devices that would enable the user access a never experienced technology.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 9, 2018

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