Amazon is Planning To Open Up 3000 Stores Without Cashier By 2021

Amazon is Planning To Open Up 3000 Stores Without Cashier By 2021

One of the most popular online shopping portal is thinking to inaugurate 3000 new AmazonGO stores without cashier in the next couple of years. The people accustomed with this matter claims an offensive and expensive extension that would make frightened criteria chains such as 7 Eleven Inc, quick service sandwich shops such as Subway and taco trucks and Panera Bread and mom-and-pop pizzerias.

Jeff Bezos, the chief executive officer removing meal-time deadlocks in the busy cities as the best method for Amazon to renovate the brick and mortar shopping experience, where most buying still happens.

But he is still evaluating with the best structure: an accessibility store that sells refreshing packaging foods, as well as a minimal grocery selection familiar with 7-Eleven franchises or a place to pick up and quick food arrangements for the people in a busy time, same to the chain Pret a Manager of UK.

A representative of Amazon refused to give any statement. The company revealed the hood of its first cashierless store near its head branches in Seattle in 2016 and has declared two supplementary sites in Seattle and one in Chicago. Two of the latest stores will proffer only a few minimal selections of salads, snacks and sandwiches presenting that Amazon is executing a trial with this conceptual initiative simply as a meal on the rush option. Two other stores comprehending original AmazonGo, also have the small collection of groceries for making it a convenient store.

The customer uses a responsive app for entering the store. Once they sweep their phones at a  mono standby mode, they can pick what they need a diverse range from salads to snacks including drinks and sandwiches and then exit without halting at the cash register.

by Haimantee Ghosh on September 20, 2018

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