One bottle wine which is sold at $300 in Europe and the United States is actually made at the foot of the Himalayas in China and the farmers of that region sing the conventional song during picking grapes.

At a very proximate area from Tibet in the Southwestern territory of Yunnan, the vineyards of Ao Yun are situated underneath the sacred Meili mountain at 2,200 meters ranging altitudes.

Though China was not known as the major manufacturer of wine while the wine consumption was fighting in China, Moet Hennessy, the French luxury giant has aimed at this location for proving Asian country can be the best manufacturer world-class wine bottle.

The company took four years for finding the ideal location in the vast country and consequently Ao Yun has been aimed for “ flying above the clouds” for Chinese.

The estate manager of Ao Yun, Maxence Dulou told AFP, “The place is magical, it has this wild side,” after the minutely inspection of the grapes of one of the vineyards.

According to him, where the local customers trusted on French Wine more than the products made in a home, the company wanted to prove that China can be a greater place for making world-class wine.

The full blended Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon have mesmerized so many wine lovers.

In 2012, Moet Hennessy owned the vineyards through the lease proceedings for 30 years from the local farmers and after a decade the villagers have been encouraged by the municipal government to shift from cultivating barley to grapevines in a venture for starting the wine industry. But without any kind of expert knowledge, their decision stumbled until French luxury giant Moet Hennessy pivoted the wealth with the proper generation of resources and expert knowledge of production of wine in the four villages  Sinong, Shiori, Adong and Xidang.

In a unique location, the vineyard is located in the midpoint of Salween, Yangtze and Mekong rivers. This suitable location is blessed with moderate temperature in which the grapevines can grow openly without any need for prevention from freezing in the winter by being buried.



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