A Lab Explosion in Chinese University Snatches 3 Lives - TNBCLive

At Beijing University, three students had been killed in a laboratory blast. The fire department of the city said that the devastating accident of fire engulfed the entire parts along with windows leaving the whole building as a wrecked shell. According to the fire department of Beijing, “There was an explosion at the experimental site during a scientific research experiment ” on the wastewater practice in the Environmental Engineering Laboratory.

In a statement which is posted in the social media platform, it added, “ The accident caused the death of three students”. In the western part of the city, at the Jiaotong University of Beijing, the incident occurred at just after  9.30 am.

Around 30 fire engines were sent to the site, and it took around one hour for getting the conflagration under control. The local authorities have initiated an inspection about the cause of the devastating accident.

In the state-run People’s Daily newspaper, footage showed that burned windows and wrecked buildings around the cloister along with trees and the entire surface covered with fire extinguishing foam.

The posted clicks of the devastating fire on social media exhibits feather of ashes along with dark smoke swelling from the low-rise constructions as the fire extinguishers struggled to contain the conflagration. Due to poor safety regulation industrial accidents are common in China.

In the last month, an accident due to a gas leak caused an explosion of the truck bearing ignitable chemicals near the entrance of a chemical factory in the northern part of Zhangjiakou of China which snatched 23 lives and wounded 22 others.



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