2 man with replica guns sparked “wave of panic” at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport - TNBCLive

On Wednesday, two man holding replica guns created “wave of panic” at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, before they were detained, report sources close to the investigation.

Passengers were immediately cleared from Terminal 2 and for more than 45 minutes after the incident took place at 8:30 am (0730 GMT).

Someone from the passenger had raised that alarm that they had seen “two adults who did not speak French with weapons in a case,” said a source.

It continued that “there was a wave of panic in Terminal 2 when people saw the weapons.”

Airport authority reports that the border police had detained both the accused.

Immediately a security perimeter was set-up, while the bomb squad had already been at the spot dealing with abandoned luggage.

The pair of guns were believed to be “airsoft” pistols, which are replica weapons mainly used in sports.

French airport authorities have considered those carrying the replica guns to be “armed”, added an Airport source.

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